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OOOroscope is a visual experience, a narrative, and a horoscope delivered as a public broadcast on the public airwaves of RAI, the Italian national TV.
Since its launch in 1984, Teletext has worked as the most accessible public information service, with unbiased informational content.
Most people think it’s dead, but it’s still there, lurking behind the cancellation lines of TV signals.
Most importantly, though, Teletext has very limited graphics, which bear a striking resemblance to what astronomers actually see on telescopes when they observe extra-solar planets: a few pixels.
The work is featured in its Italian version at Televideo’s pages 675 - 679, from January through early April 2019.

Still from the public Teletext intervention on RAI Televideo.

Still from the public Teletext intervention on RAI Televideo.


OOOroscope consists of 3 main sections: “Other skies”, a visual narrative derived from Argo Cult, my personal cosmogony of the sky as seen from planet Trappist - 1e; “Other stars”, a review of 12 main constellations, and “OOOroscope”, the bi-weekly, elective horoscope.

Altre stelle 11_no_testo.png
Altre stelle 11_no_testo.png